Allen Iverson, “The Answer”

Allen Iverson is by far my favorite player in the NBA and has been since I was a little kid. Although he has been one of the leagues best players for a number of years, he is still without a championship ring which makes me sad for him. He has been dreaming of winning a NBA championship for years, but the teams he has been on in the past have just not been good enough to get the job done. The closest he game to winning a championship was a few years ago when he played for the Philadelphia 76ers and they lost in the championship game to the L.A. Lakers 4 games to 1. Since then, he played another year for that team and just spent the last two or three seasons with the Denver Nuggets.

Things have just changed for Allen Iverson because he was traded to the Detroit Pistons a couple days ago. I believe this will be a better fit for Iverson who is 33 and does not have many more years left to play in the NBA since he is getting old. The Pistons have always had a good team in the past years, and have always had good talent on their team. With the addition of Iverson now, I do not see any reason why they can not win a NBA championship and I am rooting for Iverson to finally get his championship ring that he deserves so bad.


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